Incorporate your LLC with Fluz

To complete this process, you will need a Fluz account to verify your ID. If you don’t have one, you can create one here.

Do you have an SSN?

You can incorporate your business without a Social Security Number as long as you have a valid US address.

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The incorporation process

It's quick and easy to get your business incorporated with Fluz. Here's what to expect:

Provide your company details

Once you pay and submit all the required details, we'll check to see if the Fluz account associated with your email has completed identity verification. We'll be in touch if we have trouble finding your account or we need more information.

Once we confirm that you have completed identity verification, we'll start the incorporation process with Interstate Filing Company.

Incorporation process

Interstate Filing Company will get you incorporated in the state of Wyoming, allowing you to operate your business in all US states. Then, we’ll file your company with the IRS so you have everything you need to operate. This process is expected to take up to four business days, assuming there are no additional checks required from Interstate Filing Company.

Document provisioning

Interstate Filing Company will contact you directly with information about your LLC. You can expect an email containing the following:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • SS-4 Form
  • EIN Letter
  • Confirmation of BOI filing
  • Confirmation of your LLC registered agent

Have more questions? Read our guide to incorporate with Fluz.